Lisle Savings Bank​

Skeptic Turned Advocate

A Chicago-based bank making decisions with shareholders top of mind.
Like a lot of banks considering a switch to BankOnIT, Lisle Savings Bank (based in the Chicago metro area) wanted to ensure they were making a financially prudent decision for its shareholders.

Information Security Officer Joe Sinkovits said he was skeptical—until he got to experience the difference first-hand. “We weren’t on the [BankOnIT] system very long before I was proved completely wrong,” said Lisle Savings Bank ISO Joe Sinkovits. “And now, nearly two years into it, I can’t think of one single issue where BankOnIT has dropped the ball and has not delivered what they’ve promised.”

And as for the cost? “If a peer of ours was considering BankOnIT and they were doing their due diligence with other companies as well, the questions that I would recommend that they ask these other providers is how do they charge for special projects if they do switch their core, or if they added a new location?” said Lisle Savings Bank CFO and Director, Karlie Krehbiel. “That’s where BankOnIT really has a leg up because of the flat pricing that I don’t see how anyone else can even compete.”

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