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A Word from our Clients

We reached out to a few of our partner banks, representing both new and decades-long relationships, to let them share their experiences with BankOnIT. We’re extremely grateful for their enthusiasm and sharing their stories.
BankOnIT Clients

Valliance Bank

A ‘Priceless’ Partnership

Achieving goals through strategic initiatives.

When asked to reflect on Valliance Bank’s relationship with BankOnIT, Alicia Wade, President & COO, shared that the value BankOnIT offers is priceless, because IT touches so many facets of the business. Tim Black, SVP & IT Director of Valliance Bank, credits BankOnIT for freeing up his time to accomplish strategic initiatives – things that would otherwise be out of reach. Having worked together for nearly twenty years, BankOnIT has seen Valliance from de novo to 90+ employees, five locations and a digital online bank. And as Valliance leadership sees it, BankOnIT continues inspire confidence in IT needed for future scalable growth.

First National Bank of Oklahoma

‘Staying In Our Lane’

Reducing time and energy spent on IT allows First National Bank of Oklahoma to focus on serving bank customers.

As one of our earliest clients, First National Bank of Oklahoma has a nearly 20-year relationship with BankOnIT. When we asked Mel Martin, FNB’s President & COO, what he thought other bankers should know about BankOnIT, he said that our reputation with the regulators was critical for him.

Lisle Savings Bank

Skeptic Turned Advocate

A Chicago-based bank making decisions with shareholders top of mind.

Like a lot of banks considering a switch to BankOnIT, Lisle Savings Bank (based in the Chicago metro area) wanted to ensure they were making a financially prudent decision for its shareholders. Information Security Officer Joe Sinkovits said he was skeptical—until he got to experience the difference first-hand.

Gateway Bank

Overcoming Hesitance To Making A Change

Oakland-based bank using technology to compete with larger institutions.

One reason banks give for not switching away from an existing IT provider is that they’re wary of a painful and costly migration. They’ve been scared by difficult transitions in the past and have a hard time believing anyone could be different. This fear results in banks continuing in a poor technology situation that they know is not driving them forward.

Bank of Prairie Village

A ‘Great Decision’ Made Twice

Confidence in selecting BankOnIT a second time.

David Chinnery, Vice Chairman and EVP at Bank of Prairie Village, is among a growing number of bankers who have hired BankOnIT more than once. David originally hired BankOnIT when he was serving as President of another bank. Having experienced positive results, he made BankOnIT one of his first calls when he moved to Bank of Prairie Village.
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