Artificial Intelligence, Real Results

August 1, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already in use at some banks, and allows them to make decisions that help decrease risk and improve efficiencies. AI is allowing these banks to make smarter decisions and make
them faster.

How is your response impacted if problems your lenders experience with the bank’s lending platform are kept from occurring at other banks using the same platform? If the issues your tellers encounter with the teller platform have a proven resolution? Or if the ransomware event at your bank is successfully stopped at other banks, before it locks up data? These are some of the capabilities AI provides.

Every bank can obtain these capabilities.

You can have AI capabilities today helping you reduce risk, increase efficiency and enabling your bank to get better results. Several years ago, BankOnIT integrated AI technology into its Bankers Private Cloud® service, with the addition of BankOnIT’s Virtual Engineers. Utilizing AI to work alongside human engineers, banks gain improved efficiency and better results in their information technology networks.

Using AI combined with human expertise substantially reduces the cost of cybersecurity events by discovering threats faster and containing them more quickly than without the use of these tools, according to a recent study1. A single bank may not know why an event is occurring, if it is occurring elsewhere or know if it’s been previously resolved; but BankOnIT has this knowledge. More importantly, BankOnIT applies this knowledge to give client banks a competitive advantage they otherwise would not have.

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1Hidden Costs of Data Breaches Increase Expenses for Businesses (IBM)

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